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Tuesday shorts: Bayonetta, WoW, X Rebirth

It's Tuesday. Get over them bank holiday blues, the Royal Wedding and that other thing that happened when we were all sleeping. Read these shorts instead.

  • There were hidden beetles in Bayonetta, according to producer Hideki Kamiya. Animator Eijiro Nishimura had hid them, and has apparently done the same in Resident Evil 4.
  • There's some new X Rebirth screens at IGN.
  • Blizzard's made available a new pet for World of Warcraft. Known as the Cenarion Hatchling, it can be bought for $10, with all profits between now and the end of July going to help relief aid in Japan following the tsunami and earthquake.
  • There's an interview on Gamasutra with FTP MMO Marvel Universe and developer Secret Identity studio director Jeff Lind.

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