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Trials Evolution's ARG riddle/ scavenger hunt solved, prize to be handed out in 2113

It's taken three years, but four Trials Evolution fans have finally solved that crazy ARG riddle RedLynx has been torturing players with since 2012.

Brad "Professor FatShady" Hill posted how the real-life scavenger hunt was cracked, and it was a rather convoluted process.

The gist? Four boxes out of five have been found, and each contain various items along with a key and a small plaque.

The plaque reads:

Midday in Year 2113
1st Sat in Aug
One of Five keys will open the box
Underneath the Eiffel Tower

So, in the year 2113, under the Eiffel Tower, one of the keys will open a box containing a prize. What it contains, will remain a mystery for the next 98 years.

In 2014, Hill interviewed co-Founder and creative director of RedLynx Anttil Ilvessuo who is also the creator of the riddle.

According to Ilvessuo, he has made "very specific" arrangements to ensure key holders have something to open come August 2113.

"I made sure that something happens [at that] exact time, for people who have the key," he said. "That's no joke."

Basically, none of us today will be alive when the riddle is finally solved. Unless some of you live to be 100 years old or more. I know I will no longer be tied to this earthly body, as my ashes will have long since floated along the wind into a field somewhere in the mountains of Montana.

Hopefully, one of the keyholder's grandchildren will be intrigued enough to venture to Paris, stand under the Eiffel Tower, and experience a sense of wonderment over such a fun, crazy stunt pulled by a video game developer.

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