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Total War: Rome 2 will have 500 units, 117 factions, and 183 regions

The single-player campaign in Total War: Rome 2 will have 117 different factions, among other impressively large numbers.

Series developer The Creative Assembly revealed the figures as part of its GDC 2013 talk, as reported by PC Gamer.

There will be 500 types of unit, a five-fold increase on the original Total War: Rome, and 183 map regions, almost double that of Total War: Shogun 2.

A bit of napkin maths shows that not many of the factions you can choose from will hold more than a single map region, which seems a bit daunting when you consider Rome's historic expansionism, but with a bit of effort and a lot of brains your chosen tribe could conquer the ancient world.

Rome 2 is expected on PC later this year.


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