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Top end Dust 514 gear will only run you $0.24 in real money, estimates CCP

CCP has said microtransactions in Dust 514 will cost you pennies. For example, a top kit for your character will run you $0.24. The reason gear will be so inexpensive, said the developers, is because players will not only need to upgrade, but when they die, they lose their gear and this can get expensive should they choose real-world currency instead of in-game monies.

Speaking with Eurogamer, the firm's Morgan Godat said: "There's a thing about Dust, which is every time you die, you lose your items, so we're talking about relatively small amounts of money," he said.

"You can buy 100 copies of this gun, you can buy 100 copies of this suit of armour. We've got to make sure we're pricing things at the right level, because if you die [you lose these things]. We're still tuning prices - the costs will change according to the feedback we get on the beta - but I believe when I calculated it last, at its most high-end - if you assume that somebody came in and had to buy, with real-world money, the best gear for a serious throw down - it was like a 24-cent thing.

"That's assuming every piece of your equipment, including your dropsuit, was purchased with real-world money, and every time you died, it was a 24-cent cost to assemble your entire fit."

The closed beta for Dust 514 closed beta will be accepting non-EVE and non-beta testers on or around June 29.

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