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Globle Answer Today [July 22, 2022]: Hints, Clues, and Solution

What is today's Mystery Country?

Globle is the Wordle-inspired game that'll have you playing hot-or-cold with countries. As you try to guess what the Mystery Country for today is in as few attempts as possible, you'll often find that Globle can certainly throw a twist or two your way.

To make Globle a little easier, as it is one of the trickier daily puzzles to solve, we've provided some clues and hints below to help you make more of an educated guess about the Mystery Country. Additionally, in case all else fails, we'll mention the solution down below too!

Clues and Hints for Today's Globle Answer

While Globle is meant to be a jovial, light-hearted way of polishing off your geography skills, it sometimes can be a little frustrating. When you've guessed just about every country you can think of and it's staring you in the face, it all becomes very tense, very fast.

That being said, here are some hints to help you along that don't give away the Mystery Country too much.

Your hints are:

  • This Mystery Country is in Central America.
  • The Mystery Country isn't landlocked.
  • The name of this Mystery Country begins with a E.

Today's Globle Answer, July 22, 2022

If you don't want to know the Globle answer just yet, back out now. We're going to reveal it just below!

Today's Globle Answer is El Salvador.

What is Globle?

Globle is a daily puzzle game that requires you to guess the Mystery Country. You get as many guesses as you need, and must use your geography skills to figure out which country is today's answer.

How do I play Globle?

While playing Globle and making guesses, you want to be in as hot of an area as possible.

This doesn't mean immediately guessing Mali or Senegal, however. It means that the hotter the colour of the country you guessed on the Globle map, the closer you are to the answer.

The example that Globle gives is Japan. If the Mystery Country for today was Japan, then Mongolia, a nearby country, would be a very bright hue of orange-red.

On the other hand, places like France would be in receipt of a very pale orange, indicating you're a little far from today's chosen Mystery Country.

You can make as many guesses as you need, in the hopes that they'll each bring you a little closer to the answer. However, if you're overwhelmed by pale hues indicating you're off the scent, we're here to help.

That's it for today's Globle. How many guesses did it take you? For more daily puzzles, don't forget to check out today's Wordle.

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