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Titanfall troll is stopping the title's tiny playerbase from completing their games

Titanfall players are reporting that a hacker is running a script to boot them out of games and back to the desktop.

Redditor u/TheLPMaster flagged the issue, saying that they received a message that said "Too many Proxies for Datatable DT_BasePlayer," before they were kicked to the desktop.

In the thread, it came to light that a player called Atomic Bomb is responsible, and it's affecting everyone's games.

PCGamesN reports that complaints about the hacker have also popped up on ResetEra and EA's forums.

Watch on YouTube

Redditor u/Nikus64 uploaded a video of one such incident, and has contacted Respawn's community manager in an effort to find a resolution.

While there are less than 50 people playing Titanfall on PC right now, they shouldn't be dealing with trolls that are out to ruin everyone's fun.

Let's hope the devs can spare the time in between working on a new Titanfall game, and dealing with the resurgence in the Titanfall 2 playerbase to do something about this.

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