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Tiger Woods Move HD vid - "Definitely authentic to a golf swing," says Creamer


Paula Creamer has won nine LPGA Tour events. Her nickname is The Pink Panther. She's included as a golfer in Tiger Woods 11. She reckons playing the game with Move is "authentic."

"I would definitely say it's authentic to a golf swing," Creamer said in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 promotional video you'll find below.

"I mean, you're holding it, you're swinging it at the pace that you want to go, and you can control how far it goes."

Sounds practically real. Paula wasn't finished, though.

"I think probably the neatest part about it is that you're so much more in control of it," she said.

"It's so realistic, and the fact that I do play golf, and I can see the golf courses, I think, would entice me to try new things."

That's an open goal, but we'll be civilised. Check out Paula, the expert swinger, in action below.

The game's out this month.

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