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THQ to distribute Codemasters titles in US

THQ's announced this evening that it's to publish four Codemasters titles in the US via its THQ Partners program.

The deal is in effect immediately due to the release of DiRT 3 worldwide today, with the Homefront and Saints Row publisher set to release three more titles from Codies this yea in Americar: Bodycount, Operation Flashpoint: Red River on June 7 and F1 2011 this September.

"Bringing together THQ's world-class publishing and Codemasters' highly acclaimed titles is a win-win situation for both companies," said THQ Partners VP, Tim Walsh.

"The THQ Partners initiative truly resonated with us," added Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens. "THQ stands as a publishing force in North America and provides us the mindshare, commitment and resources of their organization to successfully drive Codemasters products in this very important market."

Codemasters had previously signed a deal with Namco Bandai for the latter to distribute the four above titles in various European countries and the Nordic region. It was recently part of the company's LevelUp event in Dubai.

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