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These classic PlayStation games are getting a major upgrade

This fan-made patch makes online play way better for you retro heads.

A community-created update to PC emulation services has made several classic PlayStation games like Tekken, Bloody Roar, and Rival Schools excellent to play online.

Heat on Twitter publically unveiled the update, which adds GGPO netcode to a selection of beloved PlayStation fighting games, lowering the lag between players considerably. In basic terms, you and your friends can play online with hardly-noticable lag.

Speaking of Tekken, check out this recent trailer for Tekken 8!

In addition, Heat announced that they were working with other programmers to make PSX emulation available on Fightcade, a popular service for playing retro titles online. This would allow these games to become widely available to average players, rather than those willing to download these games individually via Github. However, there is no concrete date for that yet.

These sorts of community projects are hugely important for those who retain that love for the classics. Over time, a lot of older games fall out of favour with their developers and publishers who leave them to lie due to a lack of profitability. Sure, we're not going to see Fortnite numbers from these community revivals or netcode projects, but for the sake of preserving these experiences it's good to have around.

Which classic game would you like to see similar treatment for? Let us know below! For more PlayStation articles, check out our pieces on the PS5 selling over 30 million units worldwide, as well as Sony presupposes Microsoft could intentionally release an unoptimized version of Call of Duty on PlayStation.

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