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The Xbox indie team must be doing something right, because Oddworld's back on board

Just a few months on from suggesting that the Xbox team in charge of indies ought to be fired, Lorne Lanning has confirmed Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is coming to Xbox One.


Lanning told Eurogamer the Xbox One and Wii U versions will release later this year, after the undated PlayStation and Steam versions are done.

This surprising turn of events came about thanks to negotiations between Lanning and Microsoft.

"We've had some talks and I think we're past it. We're past it in a positive way," Lanning said.

The Oddworld Inhabitants boss said he's "still expecting" Microsoft to remove its controversial platform parity clause for ID@Xbox eventually, but can't speak for how things stand at present.

"I'm not sure how soft or hard they are on it right now, but I know for us they wanted the title on the platform," he said.

"They were very nice about it. They were very convenient in getting us dev stations, but the fact is, we were strapped for time and resources, so the parity clause was a challenge. I don't know where it stands officially with Xbox at the moment, but we've worked it out."

It sounds like Microsoft has been willing to compromise for Oddworld, which has eased Lorne's earlier fears that going over to Xbox would be selling out.

Always remember: New 'n' Tasty is not a f**king HD remake.

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