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The Witcher 3 pokes fun at DRM with in-game book

A book in The Witcher 3 talks about DRM and how to bypass it using GOG.


CD Projekt Red likes to slip in the odd joke here and there - remember the Assassin's Creed Easter Egg in The Witcher 2? - and their feelings on DRM are no secret, so when the Grimoire entry was found and sent to Kotaku, it was nice to see the devs still having a bit of fun.

The book is titled Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire (GOG) and talks about bypassing the Defensive Regulatory Magicon (DRM) by using it.

You can read the full text below.

"The Defensive Regulatory Magicon (or DRM for short) belongs to the above-mentioned group of the longest-lasting, most effective and hardest to break defensive mechanisms. In order to recognize the individual administering it, it makes use of a portal mounted at the entrance of the area it is to defend. This portal passes streams of magical energy through the body of the person entering and can, in the blink of an eye, determine if this person has the corporeal signature (eyeball structure included) of the entitled administrator. As a result, the only unauthorized individuals that can possibly hope to enter are mimics."

"DRM thus makes for an extremely effective and near-unbreakable security measure - but you are in luck, for you hold in your hands the key to bypassing it, namely the present tome, Gottfried’s Omni-opening Grimore, or GOG for short. In the pages to follow you will find innumerable methods for deactivating DRM, or, even better, bypassing it altogether (…) "

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