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The Witcher 3: devs working on a patch to address stuttering, frame-rate issues

Despite its stellar critical reception, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been marred by technical issues on both consoles as well as PC.


Since the game's launch this week, The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt has been inundated with complaints of stuttering, frame-rate drops, and some feature requests.

Community lead Marcin Momot has been answering many fans through Twitter, and it's looking like things will get better for the RPG.

First up, the question on everyone's mind: are we doing to see an improvement to the game's frame-rate, especially in combat? Momot confirmed that yes, the developers are aware and they're working on it.

He later added that the next patch is coming soon, so hopefully some of these tweaks will be included.

One other complaint that's been seen on message boards and social media, is that in some parts of the UI, the game's font can be a little hard to read, especially given that most people play games a fair distance away form their TVs.

While not promising anything, the community lead did say that the developer is looking into it, and that it's hoping to find a solution soon.

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