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The Witcher 2 has 16 endings, only four load screens

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CD Projekt has said The Witcher 2 will have quite a few more endings than the original game.

There's 16 endings to be exact.

While multiple endings may not sound too shocking, here are some other Witcher 2 numbers for you - try not to burst a blood vessel:

  • There are three different openings.
  • It has 256 cut-scenes (150 minutes' worth) where as the original had 130 (53 minutes' worth).
  • The sequel has over 30 types of armor compared to only five in The Witcher.
  • An extra magic sign has been added.
  • There are only four load screens compared to 700 in the original.

According to CD Projekt, the improvements and added accessibility are all thanks to the new multiplatform engine being used for the game, TSOOD, which according to PC Games Hardware is an "English phonetic notation of the Polish term 'cud,' which means miracle".

The site, which was given a demonstration of the game, said there isn't a improvement in the PC version "above and beyond a higher resolution," as it's apparently optimized for consoles - although a PS3 and Xbox 360 has yet to be confirmed or denied.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is slated for 2011 on PC.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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