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The Talos Principle sequel in the works

Croteam will have another go at puzzles and philosophy.


The Talos Principle sequel in the works

The Talos Principle will receive a sequel.

The follow-up was confirmed during a Nordic Game presentation by Croteam's Alen Ladavac, apparently. It was tweeted out by Damir Đurović, and then retweeted by Croteam's official account, which seems like confirmation to us.

First released in late 2014 for Linux, Mac and PC, The Talos Principle later came to Android and then PlayStation 4. It's a first-person puzzle adventure, and also happens to explore the nature of consciousness and humanity. You know. Nothing big.

You'll probably like it if you're a fan of games like Myst, Antichamber, Portal and The Witness. It went down pretty well with critics, and although publisher Devolver Digital hasn't said anything about sales we can assume they were pretty good since a follow-up got the green-light.

Croatian developer Croteam is best known for Serious Sam, but the success of its first foray into another genre suggests there's plenty of spark in the studio beyond its flagship. There's a comparison to be drawn with Devolver Digital, which grew from "the publisher of Serious Sam" to one of the most interesting companies in the digital space.

Thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun.

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