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The Sims 4’s latest update turns your Sims into chefs

The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack is on its way, alongside bug fixes and other updates.

A group of Sims enjoy some food outside a food stall in The Sims 4
Image credit: EA

The Sims 4 is the game that just keeps on giving, especially if you are one of many Simmers who looks forward to the life-simulation games regular updates and expansions. These show no signs of slowing down, even with Project Rene (The Sims 5) in development.

The latest update to grace The Sims 4 fans will feature updates to the base game, bug fixes, and the Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack. As we noted last week, it’s actually almost been three years since The Sims 4 was in receipt of a Stuff Pack, which cost a little more than DLC Kits such as Bathroom Clutter, Modern Menswear, and so forth.

As such, many assumed we wouldn’t be seeing a Stuff Pack again, but alas. The Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack promises to fulfill the hearts of culinary-talented Sims and Simmers, but can very well lead to some kitchen nightmares, too. We’ve all been there… letting our Sims cook up a complicated meal that goes up in flames, and then locking them in with said flames. Oops!

The Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack will introduce new kitchen appliances for Sims to use, such as a Stand Mixer, Waffle Maker, Countertop Pizza Oven, and more. You’ll then also be able to invite fellow Sim friends and neighbours to enjoy your culinary delights with you, or if you fancy making a business out of it, you can sell your meals too.

Oh, and of course, cooking up a storm in The Sims 4 wouldn’t be right without the perfect attire for the job. So, new kitchen-ready hairstyles, food-themed accessories, and aprons will be a part of the Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack when it releases on September 28.

The pack will also see lots of new recipes added to The Sims 4. So, in an update to the game, EA has updated the Recipe UI at long last so that players can now filter recipes and find what they want to chef up more easily.

The update to the base game will also add cupcakes, and will let toddlers enjoy them, if they so wish! Preparing and cooking dishes will now also better reflect your Sim’s mood, skill level, and the quality of the appliance that they’re using. The Cool Kitchen Stuff pack is also receiving a small update, allowing child Sims to use the Sweet Tooth Ice Cream machine if they’ve a hankering for a cold treat.

For a full list of bug fixes being made during this update, check out the details of the 26 September update on EA’s blog.

Will you be putting your Sims to the test with the Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack? I’m pretty eager to see whether I can force my Sims into a cooking competition, or something along those lines. Let us know what your plans for The Sims 4 are!

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