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The Sims 2 cheat sheet

There are loads of The Sims 2 cheats out there that will let your Sims live their best life, from keeping their hunger at bay to earning millions in minutes.

If having your Sim struggle through a low paying job and living in a tiny space reminds you too much of real life, you can always use cheats to get ahead.

The Sims 2 still has a solid fanbase, so let's take a look at some of the best cheats out there to get more cash, a bigger house and even net yourself a massive group of pals. Be warned, though; entering too many cheats can corrupt your game, so save regularly.

The Sims 2 cheats

To input cheats, press Control, Shift and C, then pop in your cheat code and press Enter. If you type Help into the bar you'll get a list of cheats, too.

You can also have your own music in The Sims 2. Open up MyDocuments/EAGames/TheSims2/Music/Radio station genre, and copy and paste your chosen MP3 track into the folder. Load The Sims 2 back up and go to the radio station you put your music into and it'll play whenever you use that station.

There's also the Free Pizza trick. Order a pizza but don't collect it from the delivery person. Eventually, they will leave the pizza outside your door and you can stack them. They don't go stale and your Sim will have free pizza.

If you enter boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true/false you'll enable debug mode. You can spawn Tombstone of Life and Death, Rodney's Death Creator and other objects.

You can also manipulate a Sims skill levels, personality, relationships and motives by dragging sliders up and down.

When in Create-a-Sim, you can also press Shift and N before creating your first Sim to unlock more skin tones, clothes and hairstyles that would normally only be used by NPCs. Shift and click on a Sim in Live Mode to bring up the debug menu for more fun.

The Sims 2 money cheats

  • kaching
  • 1000 Simoleons

  • motherlode
  • 50,000 Simoleons

  • familyFunds family last night +/- number
  • Set the funds of a specific household

The Sims 2 gameplay cheats

  • ageing on/off
  • prevents Sims from ageing and pauses pregnancy.

  • AspirationLevel 0-5
  • sets your Sims aspiration level.

  • unlockcareerrewards
  • unlocks all career rewards for your Sim.

The Sims 2 building cheats

  • moveObjects on/off
  • You can move usually non-moveable objects, but you won’t be able to retrieve a mailbox or bin if they’re removed so be careful.

  • boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false
  • Can place an object outside the usual confined grid.

  • boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true/false
  • Allows 45 degree rotation on objects. Use the < and > keys to rotate objects diagonally.

  • boolProp lotTerrainPaints true/false
  • Set to false to hide terrain paints on the ground.

  • boolProp lotWater true/false
  • Set to false to remove water on the lot, but won’t affect swimming pools.

  • boolProp lockTiles true/false
  • Set to false to allow the tiles of the pavement and road to be modified, as well as allowing for the placement of floor tiles on the very edges of the lot.

  • boolProp constrainFloorElevation true/false
  • Set to false to allow tiles occupied by walls, floors, and foundations to have their elevations changed.

  • intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims number
  • Changes the maximum number of Sims allowed on a lot. If you invite too many Sims you may find your game lagging a lot.

The Sims 2 neighbourhood cheats

  • loadLot lotName optional family name
  • Loads the selected lot and will move the family into it.

  • boolProp lotTerrainLighting true/false
  • Toggles whether lots light up when the cursor is moved over them.

  • boolProp displayNeighborhoodRoadsWithModel true/false
  • Toggles the display of bridges.

  • boolProp displayLotImposters true/false
  • Toggles the display of buildings..

  • boolprop displayNeighborhoodWater true/false
  • Toggles the display of water.

  • boolProp displayNeighborhoodFlora true/false
  • Toggles the display of trees and plants.

  • boolProp displayNeighborhoodRoads true/false
  • Toggles the display of roads.

  • boolProp displayNeighborhoodProps true/false
  • Toggles the display of decorations.

  • boolprop nhoodWaterReflection true/false
  • Toggles the display of reflections in the water..

  • boolProp CameraDriftCamEnabled true/false
  • Toggles the camera movement when idle.

  • boolProp carsCompact true/false
  • Toggles the detail level of cars.

  • boolProp carsOnRight true/false
  • Set to false to allow cars to drive on the left, as it should be.

  • boolprop ShowLotPackageFilename true/false
  • Set to true to display the lot's filename when the cursor is moved over the lot.

The Sims 2 miscellaneous cheats

  • boolProp objectShadows true/false
  • Toggles the display of shadows from outdoor objects.

  • boolProp guob true/false
  • Toggles the display of shadows from indoor objects.

  • boolProp simShadows true/false
  • Toggles the display of shadows cast by Sims.

  • floatprop particleDensity 0-10
  • Makes transparency of stink clouds, rain etc more or less visible.

  • boolProp enablePostProcessing true/false
  • Enables the use of postprocessing cheats

  • bloom r g b x (rgb is color) (x is the bloom amount) 0.0 - 1.0
  • This cheat adds a blur effect, like a sitcom flashback moment.

  • vignette centerX centerY X 0.0 - 1.0
  • Adds a blur effect.

  • filmGrain val 0.0-1.0
  • Makes the screen grainy like an old film.

  • letterBox val 0.0-0.4
  • Adds a letterbox effect to the view.

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