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The Settlers Online celebrates franchise's 20th anniversary

Blue Byte is throwing a series of special events in The Setttlers Online to celebrate the braoder franchise's 20th birthday.

The Settlers Online will pay tribute to its forbears by adding a bunch of new adventures inspired by The Settlers 2, called Retro Click Adventures and Semi-retro Military Adventures; the latter is restricted to players level 26 and over.

Perhaps more interestingly, a new resource will be added to the game - balloons. All players will receive rewards based on how many balloons have been looted server-wide. Each time a server manages to reach 100% of its balloon objective, it will be rewarded with a Settlers 2 original headquarters, but further objectives will be made available and there will be additional goodies for the server which achieves them fastest and gets the highest total balloons.

Check below for a video of Blue Byte having a chat about this delightful event.

The first The Settlers game released in 1993 for Amiga-PC and later came to DOS. In the intervening years the series has produced seven core entires and multiple spin-offs, and sold over 9 million units.

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