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The Pinball Arcade shooting for Wii U launch window

The Pinball Arcade is slated for release during Wii U's launch window, according to Farsight Studios' Rob Mann, and it will contain elements unique to the console.

Speaking with Warpzoned, the firm's community manager said the 3DS version is still on the cards as well, but it's "doubtful" the full collection will ever be released on the handheld.

"We haven’t abandoned the 3DS completely, but it isn’t as powerful, comparatively, to phones that are running our game," he said. "We need a strong processor to run the emulation tech. We are still trying to get it to push an acceptable frame rate, but it is starting to look doubtful that we’ll ever be able to release the full collection for 3DS."

The Pinball Arcade is currently available on consoles and mobile devices, with new tables, some licensed, added as DLC on a monthly basis.

An exact release date for the Wii U version isn't known, but Mann said it will arrive as close to Wii U's launch as possible.

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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