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The new God of War features Kratos and his son

Sony opened their E3 conference with gameplay footage from the next generation of God of War.

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The new God of War features Kratos and his son

Kratos looks like a pretty gruff father in the first footage, yelling at his son for scaring off the deer he was hunting. He's even grown a full-on dad beard.

Soon the pair are attacked by demons, who Kratos takes apart with an axe (which he can pull back to himself like Thor's hammer) and his fists.

Later in the E3 demo, Kratos asks his son to cover him with a bow and arrow as he fights a giant troll. Kratos activates his patented Spartan Rage power to take the troll down.

Plot-wise, it looks like Kratos' struggle with fatherhood will be a major theme. You control Kratos as you guide his son through a hunting exercise, helping him to shoot the deer they have been chasing. His son struggles to match his father's ease with violence and death.

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