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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot hosting Open House events

Over the next few months players will be able to freely try out The Mighty Quest for Epic loot, which is otherwise locked up in a closed beta.

The first Open House event is scheduled for July 3 12:00AM AEST to July 6 5:00AM AEST. To get on board, sign up on the game's website any time from now till June 29 5:00AM AEST.

For participating, you'll be entered in a draw for a t-shirt or permanent beta key. You can also buy your way in with the Double-O founder’s program, which includes a number of bonuses.

During the event, you can play as either Sir Painhammer or Blackeye Bogart, knight and archer respectively, as they guard their own treasure with castles and try to ransack everyone else's hoards.

More events will be held in the next few months, with details to be announced; progress will be carries over from each beta event.

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