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The Hattori Clan and Blood Pack released for Total War: Shogun 2

SEGA has announced the third and fourth items of downloadable content for Total War: Shogun 2, The Hattori Clan and Blood Pack, are now available for download.

Originally included in the the Shogun 2 Limited Edition, The Hattori Clan DLC provides the player with the ultimate "masters of the shadowy arts of assassination and bribery" along with the "most powerful battlefield ninja available." It also includes an extra historical battle scenario, extra armor and an XP injection for your Avatar and it can be played in single-player, multiplayer campaigns and in online battles.

It will run you $4.99 on Steam.

Also available is the Blood Pack, which adds "decapitations, limb removals, blood-spatter effects on weapons and battlefields and much more." It will also allow your forces to "tear chunks out of the enemy with rifle or cannon fire," the reason it can only be downloaded by those who are 18 and older.

It will run you $1.59 on Steam.

Check out shots for both DLC packs below, as well as a video for the Blood Pack.

The next DLC on the docket for Shogun 2 is Fall of the Samurai, which follows October's Rise of the Samurai DLC.

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