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The Division 2 servers offline to fix unresponsive Community Leader NPCs

The Division 2 servers have gone offline for maintenance to take care of a few Warlords of New York problems.

If you jumped into The Division 2: Warlords of New York yesterday, you may have run into a bug that prevents Community Leader NPCs from talking to you.

Community Leader NPCs can be found across the major safe houses in New York, and speaking to them is necessary to progress the story. They're often the first or second step in your investigation to narrow down the whereabouts of Keener's four main lieutenants.

While some had luck with logging in and out, or restarting the game, others are essentially stuck. I have tried everything, but failed to get any of them to respond. This is due to a server problem, according to Ubisoft.

That problem, and a few others, are being fixed in a three-hour, unscheduled maintenance that just kicked off. Servers should return at 3:30am PT, 6:30am ET, 11:30am UK. The Division 2 will be unplayable during that window.

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Read on below for the full change log:

  • Fixing an issue that prevents the objective "Reach City Hall" of the WONY introduction mission from updating and teleporting players to a different location.
  • Fixing an issue that causes players who quit the helicopter cinematic to get placed into and stuck in Trinity Church.
  • Fixing an issue that prevents players from interacting with Community Leader NPCs.
  • Further backend improvements to prevent ECHO errors to occur for players.

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