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The Bird That Drinks Tears game gets a stunning Unreal Engine 5 concept trailer

A graphic novel, a game, an artbook and more are on the way.

A new Unreal Engine 5 trailer hypung up an as-of-yet unnamed project based on the Korean Fantasy Novel, The Bird That Drinks Tears, has been released. The visual concept trailer, titled The Nhaga Eater, is a fairly violent affair kicking off with a decapitation before we see the brutal aftermath of a larger, bloodier battle.

This concept trailer, released by KRAFTON Inc, was released to showcase the future aesthetics of a variety of future projects KRAFTON are working on in collaboration with Iain McCaig, an American artist, writer, and film maker previously involved with IP such as Star Wars, Terminator, The Avengers, and more.

Check out the trailer yourself here!Watch on YouTube

This trailer is the kicking off point for a variety of projects. There will indeed be a game, with no planned release date as of right now as KRAFTON is currently recruiting a team for the project. Until then, there’s an artbook releasing in 2022 followed by a graphic novel based on the same original Korean Novel to come in 2023. In the official press release, an official motion picture is also mentioned, although details on this are scarce.

The official website is especially vague, with very little to go off except from some additional visual assets. But as it stands, it seems as though KRAFTON has several years of media on the way based on a famous Korean Novel. That novel, by the way, is part of a series that was quite the hit. It’ll be exciting to see it adapted and how Western audiences react to it. The trailer we’ve gotten certainly seems rad!

But enough about my opinion, what do you think! Give the trailer a watch above and let us know below whether you like the look of what KRAFTON is tinkering away at. If you’ve read The Bird That Drinks Tears, let us know about it below!

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