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Tera publisher explains European censorship, gore slider reinstated

In response to a wave of fan criticism, Tera's publisher Frogster Interactive has posted a response clarifying the changes that have been made for the games European release.

As posted on the game's forums, Frogster states that it is aware of the concerns and is taking these issues "very seriously".

Frogster's community manager Raven apologised for not communicating the removal of the 'blood effect slider' from the OBT client and confirmed that it would be reinstated by a post-launch patch in May, but stated that it would still differ slightly in order to maintain a 12+ classification. "The European release version of the game will still have to be slightly different from the North American and Korean build: the only threat to our 12+ classification was the blood splattered on your screen when you are slaying certain monsters. This effect is slightly modified in the European version," he explained.

Raven also explained that the appearance of the game's Elin race had been altered in order to protect the game's younger audience from "unsavoury users", not as a result of any classification board's demand. "All partners involved in the project decided to ask Bluehole Studios for a solution, so they created new textures and designs for Elin wear. We are sure you all agree that this effort for child protection was the right thing to do. We all did, here, at Frogster."

Tera will officially release in Europe on May 3.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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