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Tekken Tag Tournament disc yields hints at six hidden characters - rumour

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 may have an even larger roster than advertised, with early players claiming to have found on-disc data for six hidden characters.

Although there's no confirmation at this point, Shoryuken has word that players with advance copies have found six unannounced characters referenced in the game's code.

The additional characters are Miharu Hirano, (Ling Xiaoyu’s best friend and Tekken 4 palette swap); Doctor Boskonovitch (playable in Tekken 3 and creator of Alisa, Alex and more); Slim Bob (a trimmed-down version of Bob seen in a Tekken 6 ending); Sebastian (Lili's butler); Violet (Lee Chaolan's alter ego from Tekken 4); and Unknown, who appeared in the first Tekken Tag Tournament and as a boss in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at arcades.

The Tekken series has something of a history of including special characters unlockable by completing particular actions or objectives, and creator Katsuhiro Harada has hinted heavily that Namco Bandai hasn't been entirely forthcoming about the brawler's entire roster.

Hidden characters on a game's disc raises poor associations ofr fighting fans unhappy with Capcom's DLC practices, but Harada has promised Tekken Tag Tournament 2 won't receive premium downloadable characters.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 11 in the US, September 13 in Australia and Japan, and September 14 in Europe.

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