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Tecmo Koei "definitely see split between Japanese, Western developers"

Tecmo Koei localisation producer Peter Garza has suggested we're going to start seeing a split from games being made between Japanese and western developers.

"I definitely see a split between standard Japanese game developers and Western developers," Garza, currently working on Ninja Gaiden 3 at Team Ninja for TK, told GI.Biz at Eurogamer Expo last week.

"It's going to be hard for them to completely merge. Seeing and hearing both sides sometimes I wonder about how this gap is going to get closed. Games in Japan exist in a different space for entertainment than in the West. Games in the West are very much going for that cinematic experience. Games in Japan are pretty much equated with toys. They're playthings."

Garza noted that the Japanese games development arm have a "little more conscious attitude paid towards what gamers in the West are playing and what kind of games are being made" because of the types of games being made in the west.

"So the director and the producer, they've played Dead Space. They've played Portal, Portal 2," he added.

"They have discussions about how it's really cool when GlaDos is talking about this or that in Portal 2. They're aware of Western games. We've definitely tried to use what works in terms of game designs - trying to make a more immersive experience. With Ninja Gaiden 3 that's definitely one of the goals."

Ninja Gaiden 3 releases next year for PS3 and 360, with a Wii U version in development. Look for our own interview with Garza from the show soon.

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