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Team Ico HD collection fronts beautiful launch trailer

This week, we finally get to see two of the PS2's best games in glorious HD makeover mode. Get a preview of the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection through the break.

Depending on your territory, the Collection is available either right now or by the end of the week. A well as an HD brush up, the collection adds in a number of PlayStation 3 features like stereoscopic 3D, and restores features cut from the US release of the game.

Ico, the debut title from the eponymous studio and a relatively early PS2 title, is an adventure platformer with puzzle mechanics, in which the player escorts a mysterious AI companion out of a castle fraught with peril.

Shadow of the Colossus, said to be a "spiritual prequel" to Ico, has the player explore a long-ruined kingdom in search of towering colossi, solving the puzzle of how to take down the massive beasts.

Both titles sport a minimalist approach to narrative and high atmosphere; they've each attracted critical acclaim and fervent fanbases.

Thanks, Evil Avatar.

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