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Team Fortress 2 gets Company of Heroes 2 pre-purchase unlocks

Company of Heroes 2 pre-purchase customers on Steam have collectively unlocked the first tier of rewards. Early bird customers can now doll up their Team Fortress 2 characters with military insignia and head gear, but there's another tier waiting to be unlocked once enough people pre-purchase the game, and it's something rather neat indeed.

PCGamesN reports that Company of Heroes 2 pre-purchase customers unlocked the 'REWARD 1' bonus tier, which adds the following items to Team Fortress 2:

  • German Cap and Badge - This German Officer’s Cap and Badge tells the world you’re the ruthless commander of a juggernaut army and not to be trifled with!
  • Soviet Cap and Badge - This Soviet Commander’s Cap and Badge lets everyone know you’ve led thousands of troops through some of the bloodiest battles on the Eastern Front of WW2, in style!

Here's a shot:

But if pre-purchases hit the' REWARD 2' tier, Relic is throwing in a free copy of Dawn of War 2: Retribution with all past and future orders. You can check the progress of pre-purchase incentives over at the Company of Heroes 2 Steam hub.

If numbers go even further, Relic will gift pre-purchasers a ‘Commissar Chest’ which houses a barrage of additional bonuses, such as a Commander Archetype, XP and unit boosts, as well as a stack of in-game currency that can be used to buy Company of Heroes 2 DLC.

VG247 recently interviewed Relic on Company of Heroes 2. It sounds like a brutal and multi-layered strategy that fans of the genre should go ape over when it launches in 2013. Check it out:

Company of Heroes 2: blood on the Eastern Front.

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