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Tales producer says there are no plans to release Vita versions in the west

Tales producer Hideo Baba has said not to expect the Vita versions of the series to head west as the portable isn't selling well in the region.

Speaking with Kotaku, Baba said should sales of the handheld take a turn for the better in North America, the team will reconsider its stance, but for now, it's not planned.

Baba also touched on the lack of subtitles in the western PS3 versions for those who prefer the original Japanese voiceovers.

Baba said that while he would like to "cater to the hardcore audience," it's easier to re-dub the game in English for first-time players. He did say the team was looking into the possibility of having both languages as an option, but he couldn't confirm whether it would end up in the final version or not.

Tales of Xillia is expected sometime in late summer.

Via PlayStationLifestyle.

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