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Tales of Graces fan translators take on Tales of Vesperia


Die-hard fans of Namco's Tales RPG franchise, currently working on a translation patch for 2009's Tales of Graces, have said they're now starting to convert the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia into English.

"We can now announce the birth of the side project of the Tales of Graces Translation team - The Tales of Vesperia PS3 Translation," said the Tales of Graces Fan Translation Project in a statement today.

The team is currently about three quarters of the way through converting Tales of Graces, and is looking for additional translators to aid it in its "struggle".

Tales of Vesperia was released in English for 360 in America in August 2008, but the PS3 version, which launched in September 2009, only ever made it to Japan.

Confirmation of the Vesperia translation marks a continuation of an epic effort to complete a Tales of Graces translation patch.

Released on both Wii and PlayStation 3 in successive Decembers, Tales of Graces is yet to make it out of the impenetrable Japanese-language market and onto English-speaking consoles.

The Translation Project is tackling 90,000 lines of text - plus a further ten hours' worth of content exclusive to the PS3 version.

When completed later this year, the translation team intends to release its efforts as a patch, meaning you'll need a copy of the game to take advantage, but as the series enjoys a high degree of favour among Japanese gamers, nabbing one on import isn't too difficult.

Tales of Graces is the tenth title in the venerable series, and concerns the adventures of aspiring knight Asbel Lhant, who must give up his dreams of warriorhood to take up his deceased father's estate. It is followed by the recently trailered Tales of Xillia.

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