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Tales of Graces characters in Gods Eater Burst

Here's two obscurely geeky Japanese things rolled into one: Tales of Graces characters in Gods Eater Burst. Somewhere out there, somebody just suffered a massive nosebleed.

According to Andriasang, Gods Eater Burst is expecting a third round of DLC, arriving on the Japanese PSN on February 10.

Version 1.2 Expansion Data Pack includes a couple of costumes inspires by Tales of Graces, protagonist Asbel and an unrevealed female character.

Namco Bandai recently announced a much-desired localisation of Tales of Graces F, the PlayStation 3 version of the popular Wii RPG.

Gods Eater Burst, a multiplayer action RPG, is due on PSP in mid-March, and apparently features corpse eating.

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