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Take-Two plans to help lead the way in mobile and digital distribution


During the Take-Two Q3 earnings call tonight, iPhone and digital distribution were discussed quite a bit. To say the least.

As a matter of fact, TT stated that both are "part of our strategy and innovation," reminding investors listening to the call that the company outlined this plan two years ago.

According to Take-Two, iPhone and iPod Touch titles are part of the plan considering "six out of 20 people" have mobile devices capable of playing games.

"We are proud of our intellectual properties and we think we have the best collection in the industry. To bring that to mobile devices is important, because not all consumers have a console, or PC for that matter.

"We are going to continue to support mobile as it's an opportunity we cant ignore, and what ever platform we are producing for should be no less than a AAA title."

Admitting that it is unknown just how far digital distribution will excel in the future, Take-Two was quick to point out that no matter what, it would remain a presence in that sector and are looking at how best to take advantage of it.

The full transcript of the call to investors will be made available tomorrow, so the quotes above are transcribed for you to the best of our knowledge and listening ability at post time.

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