Three books about Minecraft coming before the end of the year

The day you’ve been waiting half a decade for will finally arrive on October 10 when two Minecraft books are released into the wild. Yep.

Book headlines

  • Sensible Software biography book funded on Kickstarter, pre-order it next week

    Sensible Software’s birth and lifespan is to be charted in a brand new book that has just passed its funding goal on Kickstarter. ‘Sensible Software 1986–1999’ only needed $30,000, but ended up with over $39,000 in 30 days. You can pre-order the book now.

  • Uncharted novel, comic series get release dates

    So, reading. It’s quite the thing, apparently. While Kinect, Move, and their ilk try to do away with controllers as much as possible, reading requires only a pair of un-blinded eyes. Pretty wild, huh? Being the trailblazer that he is, Nathan Drake hopes to tame this amazing technology using a two-pronged attack composed of comics […]

  • Behind-the-scenes book of Portal 2 now available on Steam

    We all know that Valve makes great games – but now the company has dabbled in making great books, too. Portal 2 – The Final Hours is a digital tome that will give you an “unvarnished look” behind the scenes on Valve’s most recent puzzler.

  • Homefront novel officially announced by THQ

    THQ’s announced details of a Homefront novel.

  • Read part of a Halo novel on the internet

    It’s Friday afternoon. Your to-do list is on an ignored part of your desktop. You feel sleepy, and yet you can’t go home because you’re employed in an office that still sticks to the cute notion of people “going to work”. What you need is a 20-page taste of the latest Halo novel, Contact Harvest. […]

  • DS Novel listed for Europe

    According to this, a title named DS Novel is to release for DS in Europe this year. The product may be a version of the Japanese cart, DS Bungaku Zenshuu, which was simply full of Japanese novels for reading on the handheld machine, but Nintendo Europe’s said nothing yet. Whoever manages to get through a […]