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SWTOR: "Nothing has changed" regarding the EA, BioWare, and Lucasarts partnership, says Muzyka


BioWare's Ray Muzyka has shed some light on the recent announcement of EA being named the sole publisher for the firm's upcoming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic.

Speaking with a video interview with Gamespot, Muzyka said the recent announcement hasn't really changed things at all. The development process has not changed, and with EA focusing on worldwide publishing, Lucasarts can concentrate on adding ideas to the game and help out with the marketing end of it.

"Worldwide, EA is doing the publishing and the marketing and distribution for the game, BioWare is still doing all the online, community development along with all development of the game, so really, nothing has changed on that front at all," said Muzyka. "Lucasfilm is still very much involved as a collaborative partner, licenser, and is collaborating with us on the marketing and the design of the game, so really it's a great partnership.

"What we're trying to do is deliver the game in an efficient manner with a great publishing banner of Electronic Arts, a great studio developing the game, with collaboration with our great partners at Lucasfilm so this is going to make for a great experience and launch for the consumer just because [the way it's being handled] is providing a lot of efficiency for us."

Myzyka goes on to talk about BioWare's 10-year relationship with Lucasarts and Lucasfilm, and how the firm really knows how to market Star Wars and keep its community happy as BioWare is well aware of, considering its history with Knights of the Old Republic.

You can watch the video interview below.

SWTOR is out sometime after April 1 next year, and beta mails are going to be sent out in more waves for the MMO soon. Just how soon? Hopefully really soon. We're dying over here.

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