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Surgeon Simulator 2013 adds Team Fortress 2's Medic and Heavy

Surgeon Simulator 2013 and Team Fortress 2 have teamed up thanks to Bossa Studios and Valve, adding the Medic and Heavy into the mix.

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The update is free to all existing Surgeon Simulator 2013 owners, but you can buy the game and the Team Fortress 2 characters from Steam at 10am PST/ 6pm BST for $9.99 and £6.99 respectively.

In a note sent to VG247 this morning, Bossa said in a statement, "In a very rare agreement with Valve, the Bossa developers have integrated two characters from the seminal TF2: the Medic and the Heavy. Inspired by Valve’s “Meet The Medic” video, these characters will now take the roles of Nigel and Bob in the game that set the internet alight this year, with around 1 million Let’s Play videos now uploaded to YouTube, garnering well in excess of 70 million video views."

If you're yet to witness the raw delights of Surgeon Simulator 2013, you can check out my blow-by-blow guide to how not to perform open heart surgery. It's full of blood and drugs. 7

What do you think of the Team Fortress 2 add-on? Let us know below.

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