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Super Motherload tasks you with exploring and digging on Mars

Super Motherload, the arcade style digging adventure for one to four players developed by XGen Studios, is set to launch alongside PlayStation 4 next week in North America, and the developer has posted more information on the game as well as a couple of trailers.

The title is set on Mars "in the retro future" and was inspired by the developer's original game, Motherload, the game pays homage to various 80s sci-fi TV shows and has an 80s inspired soundtrack.

The story is told through fully voiced transmissions, and illustrated cutscenes written by comic book veteran Kurtis Wiebe.

Super Motherload runs at 60 FPS in 1080p on PS4, and the touch pad on DualShock 4 provides "the most immediate method for using specific bomb shapes to blast through obstacles and solve puzzles."

"Considering the combos, multipliers, a crafting system, hundreds of explosive-based puzzles, procedurally generated worlds, B movie villains, unlockable characters, hardcore mode, boss battles, special upgrades, and multiple endings — any real-world aspiring cosmonaut will be well prepared for future colonization of the Red Planet," wrote Skye Boyes, XGen Stuidos CEO and founder.

"Just remember the ol’ Solarus Corp adage: keep helmet on."

Super Motherload is available on November 15 for $14.99.

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