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Super Mario Party Jamboree features the most minigames yet - coming October 17

Get ready to ruin friendships with Nintendo's next beloved BS party game, coming to the Switch soon.

Super Mario party Jamboree minigames
Image credit: Nintendo

Get ready to absolutely ruin an evening with your friends, as a brand-new Mario Party game has just been announced at the Nintendo Direct. Super Mario Party Jamboree is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch this year, on October 17.

The reveal, which you can watch yourself down below, shows off a bit of the new gameplay we can expect, switching between the new maps and minigames available. It looks pretty good - the exact kind of package you'd expect from this long-lasting series.

The game will have more mini-games than any prior entry in the series at over 110, and will feature several new maps with unique mechanics tied to them. In short, it's set to be a proper package form the Mario Party enjoyers out there, full with all manner of catch-up mechanics, casual fun, and devestating clutch victories that'll have you fuming for days.

Let us know if this is soemthing you'll be picking up below!

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