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Summer Game Fest - Brilliant things to say on social media as you watch

The hot takes of your dreams. Summer Game Fest, the not-E3, but sort of supermarket own-brand E3 live-streamed video game reveal event kicks off tonight on June 10, 2021. It should be a great way to get excited about some video games, even if it's unlikely to offer the vein-popping hype of a Sony E3 presser. As we know you'll all be watching, desperate to share your hot takes on social media, I've put together a list of things you can say in reaction to announcements so you don't have to think too much about it.

In no particular order, some things you can paste into Twitter or Facebook or other more modern social platforms that let you write words:

  • World Premiere!
  • Sony lied
  • Where's CoD?
  • Where's FIFA?
  • World Premiere!
  • PS5 sucks
  • Xbox sucks
  • Xbox has no games
  • Game Pass rules
  • Game Pass is ruining games
  • PS5 is in stock, quickly go to
  • Is this also on PS4?
  • World Premiere!
  • Not paying £70 for that
  • I like Chvrches, but do we need to see them again?
  • It's Weezer, a band I am unsure of my opinion on
  • Looks like a PS2 game
  • Looks like a PS3 game
  • World Premiere!
  • 2010 called and wants its game back
  • That's not Bayonetta 3
  • He's got a tattoo… of Blinx!
  • LOL
  • OMG
  • CG?
  • Definitely looks like CG
  • Hmm, is it definitely CG?
  • I can't believe they got the "Help I'm a Fish" people together to play the song live
  • World Premiere!
  • Yes, this looks great!
  • Why did they add a card battle system to this?
  • I love card battle systems, this is right up my street
  • Yes! This looks super cute!
  • Boring!
  • I'm tired
  • Doggo!
  • Pet the doggo!
  • People that say doggo are the worst
  • Kojima!
  • Yes, that's surely Death Stranding 2
  • No, it's a trailer for a Death Stranding sandwich
  • World Premiere!
  • Wow, who saw a Decap Attack reboot coming?
  • It's coming to PS5, Series X, AND Switch?
  • World Premiere!
  • Incredible! I didn't know Geoff could sing and dance like that!
  • Why does he have a puppet?
  • No, Geoff! No!
  • Who is that?
  • Oh, it's a YouTuber
  • That's not PGR
  • It's PGR!
  • That was good, actually
  • Quietly impressed
  • Terrible. Waste of my life
  • Meh
  • Lol, Spurs have appointed who as their manager?
  • Have you seen [big spoiler] in Loki?

If the game you want to see isn't shown off during the Summer Game Fest, or nothing catches your eye, take a look at the games coming this year in the video game 2021 release dates list.

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