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Strike Suit Zero Kickstarter page launched

Born Ready Games has launched a Kickstarter page for its upcoming space combat action game Strike Suit Zero.

The money raised through crowd-funding, according to the developer, will allow the game to stay in production for "a few more months" and reach its full potential.

Early backers of the project will be guaranteed access to the game's closed beta on PC, which will run later this year. All backers will be mentioned in the game's credits. Depending on their pledge level, backers could receive the PC game itself, bundled with extras such as a Kickstarter-exclusive art book, wallpapers, soundtrack, and additional in-game content. Paintings, figurines, and exclusive apparel from Insert Coin Clothing make up some of the project's other rewards.

The highest pledge reward, albeit at $10,000, will allow fans the chance to collaborate with mechanical design engineer Junji Okubo to bring their own ideas to life in a 3D-printed mech model.

"Strike Suit Zero is incredibly close to being the game we want it to be, but we've realised that we need a little more time, which means that the budget needed to be increased," said James Brooksby, CEO of Born Ready Games.

"We hope that with the help of Kickstarter we can bring Strike Suit Zero to launch as the best space combat title the genre has seen for over a decade, and at the same time connect with space game fans around the world."

Featuring the musical talent of Homeworld's Paul Ruskay, Tales of Innocence's Kokia, and with mecha designs by Junji Okubo, Strike Suit Zero promises to offer spectacular cosmic battles in a transforming mecha known as the Strike Suit in attempts to save the planet from total annihilation.

It was first announced in April 2011 by Burn Zombie Burn! developer Doublesix Games, and was picked up by Born Ready, a studio formed of former Doublesix employees, in May this year. It is planned for release across PC and consoles.

Find three new screenshots of Strike Suit Zero below.

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