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Two new StreetPass games to launch alongside Nintendo's International StreetPass Week

Last week during Nintendo Direct, two new StreetPass games were said to be on the way, and today it has been announced each will play a part in the upcoming International StreetPass Week.

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The games StreetPass Fishing and StreetPass Zombies, also known as Angler and Battleground Z respectively, will run you $4.99 each or $7.99 as a bundle.

Both games release on April 16 to coincide with the special week-long incentive which runs through April 27.

Those who head over to a Nintendo Zone during the week will be able to collect Miis from Europe and North America through the StreetPass Relay feature. A special 3DS Home them and at certain locations, a VIP Mii of Nintendo Europe boss Satoru Shibata will be available.

Nintendo will also start selling a StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium upgrade. It adds a special room for VIP Mii collected and StreetPass Birthdays.

Locations in Europe are posted below courtesy of Nintendo Life. US locations can be be found on Nintendo's website.

Nintendo Zones

  • Germany: McDonald's
  • UK: GAME
  • Italy: McDonald's, Gamelife , VideoGamesParty Home
  • Spain: GAME
  • Benelux: Game Mania, MANGAKISSA

StreetPass Relay locations for international Miis: each will provide "six hits at a time from all around the world"international Miis.

  • Germany: McDonald's
  • UK: GAME, O2 Wifi
  • Italy: McDonald's, Gamelife, VideoGamesParty Home
  • Spain: GAME
  • Benelux: Game Mania, MANGAKISSA, KPN

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