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How do you use the quantum catapult in Stellaris?


How to use the quantum catapult in Stellaris is more complicated than it might seem, especially if you don’t want to waste your hard-won Alloy. The catapult is one of the best late-game structures, though it comes with a few risks. Using it means giving up one of your fleets for a while, and there’s no guarantee they’ll end up where you want them to anyway.

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How do you build the quantum catapult?

The quantum catapult is a late-game megastructure in most cases, though the new Slingshot to the Stars Origin lets you have it right away. You can only choose to build a quantum catapult around a pulsar, and it costs 300 influence and 5,000 Alloy to construct the basic catapult. You’ll need quite a bit more for future upgrades, but it’s definitely worth the resources. The base-level catapult has a high chance of depositing your fleet in the wrong area, and it takes much longer for the process to finish.

Since the catapult’s range is limited initially, it’s best to place them in a fairly central location, if possible. That way, you can still maximize the advantage they offer without having to spend so much Alloy up front.

How do you use the quantum catapult in Stellaris?

Using the catapult involves a few steps. Put your desired fleet in the catapult, select it, then open the galaxy view. Click the "Catapult Fleet" option from the icon bar. It’s near the jump drive option, second in from the right, though it can be difficult to see given how small the icons are.

Once you’ve clicked it, a new screen opens, showing a broad view of the galaxy with a large circle. The circle is your catapult’s general range, which increases at higher upgrade tiers. Green means the location is within the catapult’s current capabilities, and red is a no go. Make sure to pay attention to the whole circle during your planning, since the end location can be anywhere in it – not just in the center.

Also note how long it will take for the process to complete. At the basic tier, you’ll lose access to that fleet for several days.

While you’re off building megastructures in Stellaris, don’t neglect your vassals. Make them too unhappy, and they might forge a Secret Fealty pact with one of your enemies.

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