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Stellaris' iOS/Android beta pulled shortly after launch for plagiarising Halo 4 art

The Stellaris: Galaxy Command mobile beta has been taken offline as publisher Paradox does a full content sweep.

Yesterday, publisher Paradox announced that a new Stellaris game is coming to Android and iOS in the form of Stellaris: Galaxy Command. Immediately after the announcement, a beta became available in limited markets.

Unfortunately, Paradox had to quickly pull the game. Players discovered a curious piece of artwork that strongly resembles something you could see in Halo. The image shows some sort of military installation with Scorpion tanks (bearing the UNSC logo) clearly seen.

After a bit of digging, another player found the original image: Halo 4 concept art created by 343 technical art director Kenny Magnusson. As you can see, the plagiarised version in Galaxy Command simply removed one of the Warthogs and all the Pelicans and added their own original character art.

Given how clear the case was, Paradox decided to take the game offline until the art is removed. The publisher is also reviewing the game's entire content to see if it includes anything else that shouldn't be there.

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