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StarCraft II "might" work on Wii U, but PC is "optimal", says Blizzard

Dustin Browder, lead designer on StarCraft II, has said if Blizzard ever decided to bring the strategy title to consoles, it "might" work on Wii U - but don't count on it.

Speaking with Kotaku, Browder said for optimal performance though, PC is the best choice.

"If I can control a cursor on the television with my hand on the touchscreen, that might be able to work," he said. "[But] because of the hotkey scenario, it's not like players actually play StarCraft with the mouse only--they play with the mouse and keyboard.

"We obviously allow new users to play mouse-only and that's really fun, but when you get serious about the game you do move into the mouse and keyboard space."

Browder said Blizzard doesn't have a console team working on Starcraft, but one time, Sony presented the studio with a demo of Starcraft II with Move implementation. He wasn't impressed.

"I wanted to kill myself," he said regarding the demo. "I found it very difficult to make it work. I believe that if I had practiced as much as he had, I would've enjoyed it more... but for us it felt like it was gonna be a lot more effort to still make that work, to still make that really sing.

"For us, control is king, and it's so critical. Everything's gotta move when you tell it to move. It's gotta be really tight. You can't feel like you're battling the interface."

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