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StarCraft II balance changes detailed and slated for September


Blizzard has posted a list of balance changes in store for StarCraft II.

The largest change being made it seems, is friendly units will no longer "provide vision after being killed", and enemy units previously revealed "will no longer be targetable".

Additional changes include adding destructible rocks to the Desert Oasis map and in the center map, the watchtower area is "being narrowed".

The build time for the zealot is also being increased from 33 to 38 seconds, and the warpgate cooldown is being increased from 23 to 28 seconds.

Several changes are in the works for terran, the Siege Mode damage of the siege tank is being changed from 50 to 35, +15 vs. armored, Battlecruisers will have their damage against ground units lowered from 10 to 8; Ultralisk damage is being decreased from 15, +25 vs. armored to 15, +20 vs. armored, and loads more.

The changes are expected to go into effect next month.

Blizzard also said it has mid-to long-term plans to "further evolve the Custom Game experience, and soon, enhance our social features with the addition of chat channels".

There's loads more over on

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