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Star Wars: Battlefront - "good news" for lower-end PC users, says Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry was given hands-on time with Star War: Battlefront on PC, and a preliminary report has been released on the findings.

While many raised an eyebrow over the recommend specs for RAM being rather high on PC, others have shrugged their shoulders. That's what we've seen on the Internet at least.

The good news for running the minimum, according to Digital Foundry, is there's a lot of "wiggle room in the four graphics presets."

"It's good news for those considering playing the game on a lower-end PC, as there are plenty of settings to work with. On the low setting we inevitably see the biggest compromises to ambient occlusion (which is switched off outright), texture quality and shadow resolution - but ultimately the visual set-up holds strong."

According to the report, multi-core support for CPUs "is a lock, and in stress-testing" during the Tatooine survival mission, it really holds its own.

Payed during a preview event, DF played the game on a system sporting an i7 4790 processor, with 8GB of main RAM, and an AMD R9 290X which he found to be a "curious set-up given the game's recommended specs mention 16GB of main RAM."

There wasn't any evidence that RAM was an issue during testing and running an "unlocked refresh at ultra settings," the PC ran the game above 60fps at 80fps for the most part. Even when setting v-sync, the game didn't "stutter" below 60fps.

DF said the AMD R9 290X card used was more than capable and those with the equivalent will be able to enjoy the game properly. By "dropping a few presets" it will likely run well on "less capable cards as well."

You can read the full report through the link.

The open beta for Star Wars: Battlefront kicks off this Thursday, October 8, on PC (Origin), PS4 and Xbox One.

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