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Star Wars Battlefront content not shaped by DLC plans, says producer

Star Wars Battlefront may have DLC on the cards already, but DICE hasn't built the game with extra content in mind, apparently.


Star Wars Battlefront releases on November 17, and then on December 8, before the launch of the new movie, it'll receive a slab of tie-in DLC.

This early, pre-meditated content drop is a bit concerning for those who don't like the Season Pass model. Writing on Reddit, as collated by DualShockers, producer Jesper Nielsen has attempted to lay these fears to rest.

"The amount of content in the game has absolutely zero to do with DLC. I can say that with all honesty," he said.

"If you think there’s anything we’re not including in the game to save it for DLC, I can tell you you’re 100% wrong. In this project, I’ve never heard anyone say 'Let’s not do this for launch so we can do it as DLC instead'. Ever.”

Good to know. Can't really blame EA and DICE for wanting something to mark the launch of The Force Awakens - especially as the Battle of Jakku DLC will be free.

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