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Star Wars Battlefront: 5 best Star Card hands

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Star Wars Battlefront: 5 best Star Card hands

Star Wars Battlefront doesn't offer distinct classes for you to choose from. Because of that, the different roles and play-styles emerge from each player's selection of Star Cards and hands.

Now that you've learned the basics and gotten accustomed to the controls, let's move on to something more advanced.

As you probably know by now, you get to pick four cards that make up a hand. The ones that occupy the top slots are what we'll be focusing on in this article. The bottom one, called Traits, take much longer to unlock, and cost very hefty sums of Credits each. They offer even more personalisation, so it's definitely worth knowing what each of them does before choosing one to unlock.

As for the best Card combinations, read on...


The asshole setup

Nobody likes explosive spam, at least not when you’re on the receiving end of it - not so much when you’re the one causing the damage. This class combination is all about explosives and leaves no room for utility Cards.

Use the Impact Grenade and Thermal Detonator for your right and left slots, and equip the Explosive Shot Card in the top slot. The Explosive Shot increases your weapon damage when activated to a ridiculous degree, not to mention adding splash damage to every shot so you're doing damage even when you miss.

It’s almost game-breaking, but it feels so good to use. Do note that as with all ability Cards, you need to find charges around the map (or buy them from the menu) to sustain continued use.

The grenade combo doesn’t need explaining, but you could always wait until you have one charged before throwing the other. That way, you always have a grenade ready for non-stop explosions.


The anti-vehicle setup

It’s always recommended to have one hand dedicated to taking out vehicles on modes like Supremacy and Walker Assault. For this, we recommend using Ion Torpedo and Ion Grenade for your left and right cards, and the Ion Shot for the top Ability card.

The Ion Torpedo does great damage against pesky AT-STs and is easy to lock-on with. It’s also great against other small annoyances like Droids, Probes, gun emplacements or turrets. If you’re feeling particularly lucky, you could also lock onto incoming starfighters with it, and if they’re too busy attacking ground targets to notice the missile, they’ll most probably get hit by it.

The Ion Grenade is great at doing the same thing, and it’s even more effective in corridors where you’re pinned down by enemy turrets and can't get a chance to lock on with the Torpedo. Throw one in there, and you’re done.

The top slot should also complement these two. That’s why the Ion Shot (which charges your gun to do more damage against vehicles) is the perfect choice. It feels great when you activate it to help your team take out an exposed AT-AT, finish off a damaged AT-ST, or get rid of any armour.


The long range threat

Battlefront's engagements rarely take place beyond medium range. Still, you can maintain a great distance between yourself and your targets with select choices of Cards and weapons.

The weapon choice is left to your preference, but you should consider low rate-of-fire, high damage ones like the T-21 or even E-11.

For Cards, consider rolling with the Pulse Cannon, Homing Shot, and Focus Fire for the top slot. Focus Fire removes almost all of your weapon recoil, great for engaging long range targets and maintaining a reasonable rate of fire.

The Homing Shot is like the Ion Torpedo but for soldiers instead of vehicles. You can use it to lock-on to targets outside of your main weapon’s effective range, as well as take out Jump Pack-equipped players who try to get behind or above you.

The Pulse Cannon, which you can replace with Cycler Rifle at higher levels, delivers massive damage when fully charged. This makes it the perfect weapon for taking out stationary targets from long distances, but don’t hold onto the charge for long, or you’re going to end up missing. Only fire when you’re sure your target is easily tracked.


The flanker

Scoring a few kills in quick succession because you pulled off a good flank is always satisfying, no matter the game. Battlefront is no exception, but you need to be mindful of your abilities' limitations and the map itself, in order to successfully flank enemies.

For this you can equip the Jump Pack, Scout Pistol, and the Scan Pulse ability. The jump pack is the only mobility-based Card in the game. It’s completely different from that of Call of Duty, or Destiny, in that you only get to use it for a single boost before it has to recharge.

For this class, you’re going to use it to get above enemies or behind them. With your Scan Pulse ability, enemy silhouette will show up, letting you devise the best plan of attack for maximum flank.

The third option is a toss between a grenade and the Scout Pistol. On one hand, you could throw a grenade to soften a group of enemies up before unloading with your main weapon. On the other, the Scout Pistol fires a three-round burst that's an almost a guaranteed one hit kill in close range.

The decision will largely depend on your play-style, but you don't want to bring anything that requires precision to those hectic encounters.


The tank

If you’re looking to get in there, hold the trigger and watch people fall, without worrying too much about re-cooling your weapon, this setup is for you.

For this to work, we recommend using a high rate-of-fire weapon like the DLT-19 or RT-97C and pair it with the Cooling Cell Card, Impact Grenade, and a third card of your choice.

This works wonders when clearing out areas with high concentration of enemies, like corridors on Sullust and Tatooine or Ice Caves on Hoth. You go in, throw an Impact Grenade, fire a few shots, activate the Cooling Cell Card (so your weapon doesn't overheat), and continue holding the trigger and watch the killfeed.

You still take damage, of course, but many of your opponents will be in shock to see you firing rounds non-stop like that, and end up dying instead of escaping.

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