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Square Enix drops FFXIII-2 story details

Square Enix has given the first real story details on Final Fantasy XIII-2 ahead of the game being at E3 next week. Spoilers if you haven't completed FFXIII.

The game takes place a few years after the end of Final Fantasy XIII when Lighting and crew saved Cocoon. As some survivors start over again,

Lighting is nowhere to be seen, and is mostly thought to be dead. Her sister Serah, however, that's not the case, so therefore starts searching for her.

When Serah's town becomes occupied by monsters, a character known as Noel saves her. It's from there they search for Lightning.

The game's first screens did get out, but Square has asked us to remove them.

Final Fantasy XIII-2, first announced in January, releases this winter for PS3 and 360.

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