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Spotify is now available on Xbox One, proving yet again that the most obvious rumours are always true

Spotify is now available on Xbox One, something that should surprise absolutely nobody.

The Xbox One Spotify rumour broke late last week and caused an epidemic of itchy scalp syndrome as everyone scratched their heads and said things like "Wait, Spotify isn't already on Xbox One? What?"

Well, as of today the most ubiquitous music streaming service is indeed available on a console that positions itself, as they all do now, as an all-in-one living room entertainment hub. So that's nice.

To get started with Spotify on Xbox One, whether you're on old hand or thinking about trying it now that it runs on your Xbox One, just visit Spotify's Xbox hub for everything you need to get going. (A similar hub is available for PlayStation, if you're here to enjoy the platform flame wars in the comments section.)

You can access Spotify through your Xbox One whether you're a free or premium subscriber, and then listen to it while you're playing games or whatever else you do on your Xbox One.

You can even control playback remotely using the Spotify Connect app on another device so you won't need to tab out of your game to skip. Isn't the future convenient?

To celebrate Spotify's release on Xbox One, Major Nelson has made you a playlist.

I did not sign in to see what's on it but I suspect it will be stacked with Hot Fresh Hitzz, like those Microsoft uses in trailers and trade shows to prove that it is cool and youthful even as it tucks its polo shirts into its carefully-pressed slacks.

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