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Splinter Cell: Conviction delayed to achieve "ambitions"


Ubi's claimed Splinter Cell: Conviction was pushed into 2010 because a slip was the only way of achieving the firm's "ambitions" for the game.

"After demonstrating the new vision for the game at E3 2009 we won many awards and got a lot of interest from fans and press alike," said the publisher, speaking on the title's official site.

"In order to live up to our own ambitions and your expectations, we strongly feel that giving our teams that extra time will allow us to present a game to you that will fulfil that potential."

The company added: "This extra time will ensure Splinter Cell Conviction becomes every bit the fantastic experience we want it to be."

Conviction will now release on the first quarter of 2010, as opposed to an originally planned late 2009 date.

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